Who is behind this?

The founder of the fitness app is called Marina Jalkell.

She has been a jump roper since 2010, starting at ten years olds. Together with her teammates they have collected a lot of medals throughout the years.

With the Swedish teams from Kämpinge Gymnastikförening.

To be exact they have won several national competitions, four European Championships bronze medals, three European Championships silver medals, one European championship gold medal, one World championship bronze medals, three World Championships silver medals and four World Championships gold medals.

They also joined a lot of TV programs and some commercials to spread awareness of the sport when not in competing season.

With the app she gives you one of the best cardio workouts there is together with strength, coordination and a lot of fun.

After a hard working career Marina has now moved on to spread the awareness of this amazing workout tool. Not only was it her passion as a sport, it was also one of the best ways to workout and too few people know about it. 

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Check out the jumping that received a gold medal in the world championship 2016

Marina believes that everyone can benefit from jump rope since it is easy to learn and can be done anywhere. The learning curve is very steep and you will soon learn to jump if you put your mind to it.
Download the app and start the workout for beginners and see for yourself.